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This is our 15th sustainability report. It is structured around the six positive outcomes of our 2020 strategy and aligned to our material issues, as guided by our stakeholders. This report, alongside our sustainability strategy and policies, is available on our corporate website.


The report covers Carillion’s international operations during the 2014 calendar year, encompassing the UK, Canada, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

We have reported on activities and projects undertaken as part of our various joint ventures, depending on our influence on their operations and the size of our shareholdings in them. Where Carillion people are seconded to a joint venture, we include them in the data but exclude the Joint Venture’s operations.

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Global Reporting Initiative

This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI’s G4 guidelines at core level, reporting against self-selected indicators based on material aspects.

See our GRI Index. (PDF 224 KB)

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Bureau Veritas, an independent professional services and compliance specialist, has assured our performance against specific sustainability targets, factual statements and performance data related to the targets within the content of this report. See the assurance statement below.

Bureau Veritas Independent Verification Statement

To the stakeholders of Carillion plc.

Introduction and objectives

Bureau Veritas has provided independent verification over the stated achievement of a selection of Carillion plc’s (Carillion) 2014 sustainability targets against a 2011 baseline, as reported in its 2014 Sustainability Report (the Report), the methodology and approach for gathering carbon footprint data. The objective of our work is to assurance to Carillion’s stakeholders over the level of achievement of the selected targets and of the reliability and accuracy of the supporting performance data.

Scope and Methodology

The information and data reviewed for this verification process cover the reporting period: 01 January 2014 – 31 December 2014, and all the Carillion businesses across the UK, Middle East and Canada.

In order to form its conclusions, Bureau Veritas conducted the activities outlined below:

  • Phone interviews with key Carillion personnel (Head Office and Regional Staff);
  • Review of data management and data accuracy through interrogation of spreadsheets and sampling of select datasets;
  • Review of supporting documentation (including: policies, procedures, minutes of meetings, email correspondence, presentations, invoices);
  • Review of consolidated site and business unit sustainability data sets.

Carillion’s sustainability targets and their stated level of achievement, as subject to the verification, are presented in the table below.

Leading the way with our customers and suppliers

What Carillion said 2014
Maintain Level 4 of Sustainable Procurement Task Force Flexible Framework and work towards Level 5 Achieved

Providing better prospects for our people

What Carillion said 2014
39% reduction in All Accident Frequency Rate (AAFR) against a 2011 baseline 49%

Supporting sustainable communities

What Carillion said 2014
45% local spend including SMEs in the UK 51%
100% of contracts to have a community needs plan 96%
1% of pre-tax profits donated to community activities either in cash or kind 1%

Enabling low-carbon economies

What Carillion said 2014
11% reduction in carbon footprint (against a 2011 normalised baseline) 17%
19% reduction in gas consumption from Carillion offices (against a 2011 degree days normalised baseline) 11%
15% reduction in electricity consumption from Carillion offices (against a 2011 baseline) 25%

Protecting the environment

What Carillion said 2014
96% of waste diverted from landfill 95%
15% reduction in water consumption (against a 2012 normalised baseline) 28%

Bureau Veritas’ Opinion

It is Bureau Veritas’ opinion, based on the verification activities as per the scope and methodology above, that the stated level of achievement reported by Carillion against the selected targets is a fair reflection of its performance.

Nothing came to Bureau Veritas’ attention that would indicate any material error or omission in the information reported, that would affect stakeholders’ ability to make informed judgments on Carillion’s performance in 2014.

Limitation and Exclusions

The preparation of the Report is the sole responsibility of Carillion. The verifier has an obligation to stakeholders and users of the report and is exclusively responsible for the content of this verification statement. Carillion has provided access to the documentation and data required to undertake the verification process and Bureau Veritas is confident that no material information has been withheld.

Excluded from the scope of our work is:

  • Any information not directly linked to the selected targets;
  • Activities outside the defined reporting period;
  • Company strategy and position statements (including any expression of opinion, belief, aspiration, expectation or aim);
  • Financial data which is taken from Carillion’s Annual Report and Accounts.

A limited sample of site specific source data and records were reviewed as part of this assessment.

This independent statement should not be relied upon to detect errors, omissions or misstatements that may exist within Carillion’s reported information. The scope of our work was defined and agreed in consultation with Carillion. Our work covers global operations and relies upon the accurate collation of information at Carillion’s worldwide locations and its UK offices.

Statement of Independence

Bureau Veritas is an independent professional services company that specialises in quality, health, safety, social and environmental management advice and compliance with over 180 years’ history in providing independent verification and assurance services. Bureau Veritas has implemented a code of ethics across its business which ensures that all our staff members maintain high standards of integrity and independence. We believe our verification assignment did not raise any conflicts of interest. Our team completing the work has extensive knowledge and experience of conducting verification over sustainability information and systems.

London, 18th of March 2015

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We welcome your feedback on this report and our approach to sustainability. If you have any comments or questions please contact us

Carillion’s 2013 sustainability report demonstrated that sustainability is an integral part of its core business and the company wants to communicate the issues in an open and accessible way. The report demonstrates a clear understanding of the sustainability impacts of the business and how this links to future viability of the Group, especially around resource usage. In addition, Carillion demonstrated some interesting and innovative ways of presenting information and engaging stakeholders, such as their 2020 Sustainability Vision brochure and the Sustainability Talk & News initiative.”

Alan McGill, Partner, Sustainability and Climate Change, PwC

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