A changing environment

We understand the balance between economic and environmental value. Resource availability and climate change affect business decisions every day. The increasing price of materials and energy puts resource efficiency at the top of our agenda.

Ensuring the availability of key materials over the long term is a rising concern and that is why we are looking at environmental impacts across our value chain. This includes responsible timber, water management, minimising waste and preserving biodiversity.

Environmental management

Our robust environmental management systems (EMS) are fully integrated into our wider corporate risk management processes and help us provide assurance to our customers and suppliers. All our established operations in the UK, the Middle East and North Africa are certified to the ISO 14001 international environmental standard, as is Carillion Canada’s Roads Maintenance business in Ontario.

The Carillion EMS (ISO 14001 certified), which includes our Sustainability Leadership Plan and our environmental policies, helps us to identify and manage our environmental impacts. Central to managing environmental risks is our Environmental Policy (PDF 104 KB), which shows Carillion’s international commitment to environmental stewardship. It is used by each unit to set targets based on overarching 2020 strategy targets. Progress is monitored monthly within our wider sustainability governance framework.

Since 2012, we have used a web-based data management system, Capture, to collect, manage and analyse sustainability and safety data. We are reviewing the information on a monthly basis and using it to pinpoint risks and tackle issues as they arise. We raise internal awareness through our wider employee engagement channels, as well as dedicated environmental management training.

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100% Certification to ISO 14001 international environmental standard at established operations in the UK, the Middle East and North Africa

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