Sustainable innovation

Our people are continually looking for ways in which we can do things differently and create even more benefits for customers, communities and the environment.

Our Sustainability Investment Fund has helped to support this thinking across the company, providing up to £120,000 for research, innovation or implementation in a variety of projects. Funds are awarded to support the delivery of one or more of our six positive outcomes, and we look for proposals that could improve our work or even develop new products and services. For example, in 2014, our construction services applied for funding to reduce waste by upgrading machinery and purchasing materials to develop a recycling area.

See Sustainable design for examples of how we are integrating innovative ideas and practices from the outset of our construction work.

Improving lives and saving carbon with EcoPods

Carillion’s EcoPod technology is already reducing energy costs and cutting carbon emissions in more than 40 high-rise buildings across the UK.

EcoPod is a Smart energy and controls system for multi-occupancy buildings that provides highly efficient, safe and controllable heating and hot water for building owners, operators and occupiers.

The creation of the EcoPod Technology Centre puts Carillion at the forefront of energy-efficiency innovation. We will test installations at our test centre which will also support the creation of new jobs in research and development, renewable energy systems and building automation.”

Phil Shepley, Managing Director of Corporate and Central Government Services, Carillion Services

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Strengthening solar energy in the Middle East

We are installing a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology power plant in Dubai and the wider Middle East region for Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. This trial project will be used as a learning tool for larger-scale deployment of CSP installations in Dubai to help strengthen the local solar industry. This is an important step for the solar energy sector and to encourage environmental sustainability by using renewable energy.

We have also been testing recycled PVC plywood in place of traditional plywood for shuttering on one of our projects in Dubai where we have demonstrated that it saves time and money, and can be 100% recycled. On the same project, the team also hired a concrete crusher to produce approximately 7,000m3 of aggregate for use on other project areas, reducing additional virgin material costs.

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MoD project saves £11.6 million

Over the last three years, our work in the Regional Prime Central contract has achieved excellent, long-term sustainability results with savings of £11.6 million and 95,000 tonnes of CO2.

The works were aimed at introducing new technology and driving down energy consumption and carbon levels on all major sites. We also focused on upgrading the infrastructure to harness, manage and optimise fuels and carbon emissions across the estate.

The CarillionAmey Joint Venture responsible for the contract was named Sustainable Business of the Year at the MOD Sanctuary Awards in 2014 and has also won a number of major industry awards for its work.

Meanwhile, in the National Housing Prime Contract, the CarillionAmey team worked with the client to secure energy company funding for energy improvements and technologies across service family accommodation. As a result, the standard of accommodation has been improved and, in many cases, reduced fuel costs for our forces personnel and their families.

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We are very pleased to continue our support for NHS Sustainability Day. Sustainability has become an increasingly important part of all aspects of Carillion’s business activities. We are delighted to have the opportunity to share our experiences and to learn from others through the NHS Sustainability Day programme of events.”

Nuala Gilmartin, Business Development, Carillion Health

See NHS Sustainability Day in action

Manchester and Birmingham energy savers

A partnership between Carillion and Birmingham City Council will see 24 EcoPods installed across the city. The significant energy savings, together with Energy Company Obligation funding, will help fund the project.

The first phase of six EcoPods was completed late in 2014, comprising 350 homes and saving a total of 17,000 tonnes of CO2 over the lifetime of the system. 2015 will see a further 16 EcoPods serving a further 644 homes and saving 50,000 tonnes of carbon.

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£140,000 and 12,500t CO2 savings at the Four Seasons Hotel project in Abu Dhabi thanks to our engineers replacing ordinary cement with a concrete with smaller manufacturing carbon embodiment

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